Celebrate those milestone moments with Jack Murphy Jewellers

Celebrate your everlasting love with an eternity ring from Jack Murphy Jewellers! Eternity rings are a symbol of everlasting love with the never-ending circular band representing love, affection and care for the wearer. These rings have been a popular token of love for centuries and can be traced back to Ancient Egypt over 4,000 years ago when rings were given to loved ones on special occasions.

Eternity rings are often given as an anniversary gift or to celebrate significant achievements such as the birth of a child. They can be worn on the left-hand ring finger along with the engagement ring and wedding band however it is completely up to the wearer as some people prefer to wear their eternity ring on their right hand. There are many factors which may affect what finger you wear your eternity ring on, for example, does the shape and size of the ring match your wedding band? If not it may be more suitable on your right hand ring finger.

Many people wear their eternity band above their engagement ring and wedding bad which some say locks the engagement ring in. Wearing eternity rings on non-traditional fingers has become increasingly more popular, for example, wearing your eternity ring on your middle finger can spread your rings out without overcrowding on one finger.

Eternity rings are often a full circle of metal set with diamond stones spanning around the circumference of the ring, or half set diamond bands. In recent years, various other ring styles have become increasingly more popular such as gemstone rings.

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