Product Care and Repair

Since 1972, Jack Murphy Jewellers has built a strong reputation becoming renowned for their expertise, knowledge and dedication to their craft. With the proper care and attention, you can preserve the brilliance of your Jack Murphy Jewellers diamonds and jewellery.

Request a Repair

Jack Murphy Jewellers are delighted to offer cleaning and repair for most of our diamond and jewellery pieces, alongside our brand and watch collections. Services include:

  • Professional jewellery resizing, cleaning, polishing and repair
  • Watch battery replacement, resizing and maintenance

For other servicing questions, please email:

Caring for Your Engagement Ring

Take it off sometimes. Working out at the gym, doing laundry, washing dishes, and other household tasks will put stress on your ring. Try not to let harsh cleaning chemicals get near your ring either.

Store it properly. Keep it in a clean, dry place; such as in a separate compartment in a fabric-lined jewellery box.

Try not to touch the centre stone. Diamonds and other precious stones are magnets for dust, dirt and body oil – which can dull the appearance of your ring.

Don’t attempt to clean your ring at home using random cleaners. Solutions that work well for diamonds may not be safe for other gemstones or metals. Instead, you can use our ‘Diamond Dazzle Stik’ that can be purchased in-store or online. Or alternatively, if you purchased your Engagement Ring from Jack Murphy Jewellers, we offer a FREE Aftercare Service where we will professionally clean your ring in-store and check to make sure it is always in pristine condition and sparkling!

Diamond Dazzle Stik