A Gift to Last the Test of Time: Mother’s Day Edit

This Mother’s Day, celebrate the wonderful women in your life, with a gift that truly shines. Make your mom feel like the queen she truly is, choose a piece from our careful curated 'Mother's Day Jewellery' collection, here at Jack Murphy Jewellers, from dazzling diamonds to meaningful charms, our team have got you covered.

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Personal Touch

For a meaningful piece of jewellery that you can put your own personal stamp on, a classic locket is the perfect choice to hold your memories close. Fill it with a sentimental photo or a lock of hair, with the additional option of adding an engraving, for that added personal touch.

9ct Yellow Gold Heart Locket & Chain

On the topic of engraving, why not choose a piece from our personalised jewellery collection? Whether you want to add a heartfelt message, special date or initials, this thoughtful gesture will make this piece of jewellery a one-of-a-kind. Choose from a selection of our 9ct yellow gold jewellery pieces or sterling silver.

9ct Yellow Gold Horizontal Bar Necklace 

Tell a ‘Charm-ing’ Story

Recognising all stages of motherhood, ChloBo has a charm for every kind of mother.

For Your Mother Figure: represent how two hearts are linked through the bond of motherhood, symbolising the love we hold in our hearts. Also worn as a reminder to show compassion for each other, as these two hearts are bound together with love, passion and hope.

ChloBo Cubed Bead Interlocking Heart Bracelet

For Expecting Mothers: embrace that motherly glow and wear a piece of jewellery from the ‘Glowing Beauty Set’. The beaming heart charm is a reminder to always radiate love and compassion, while also letting your soul and inner beauty shine through.

ChloBo Gold Plated Glowing Beauty Bracelet

For Mothers Who Have Lost: the ‘Heavenly Heart Bracelet’ is worn as a reminder of those we hold close to our hearts. This charm bracelet represents those who will always shine above us, helping to guide and protect us.

ChloBo Mini Small Ball Heavenly Heart Bracelet

Timeless Classic

Give her something that she will hold dear till the end of time. Surprise the special mum in your life with the iconic ‘9ct Yellow Gold Baby Feet Necklace’.

This adorable and meaningful piece is perfect for every stage of motherhood, capturing those tiny toes that took their first steps into her heart. Symbolising the bond between mother and child, capturing precious moments of your parenting journey or a beautiful reminder of times to cherish. With its delicate design and timeless elegance, make this necklace the perfect gift that speaks volumes without saying a word. Make it even more personal and add an engraving.

9ct Yellow Gold Baby Feet Disc Necklace with Chain

Mother's Day is just around the corner, as we celebrate all those fabulous moms on Sunday 10th March 2024. More of a selection to view on our website and in-store, with complementary free engraving on select items. Can't find what you are looking for? Enquiry with our team today or phone/visit our showroom. 

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