Make it Meaningful with ChloBo Jewellery

Jack Murphy Jewellers are proud official stockiest of ChloBo Jewellery  

ChloBo incorporate meaning into everything they make. Inspired from the creators worldly travels, each piece of 925 sterling silver jewellery tries to "embody culture, sentiment and spirituality." - ChloBo

What we love about this brand is, how you can shop by style, charm or meaning. This means that that with every purchase, the customer is telling their own unique story.

There are many meanings you can chose from; the most popular symbols we get asked for are love and protection, the heart charm, tassel and dreamball.


The heart charm symbolises the love we hold in our hearts for ourselves and for others. ChloBo want its wearers to, "spread a little compassion... with everything they do." - ChloBo

Shop Here : ChloBo Sterling Silver Ideal Love Charm Bracelet


The tassel charm symbolises protection and is worn to ward off negative energy. When you wear the tassel it is meant to build more positive energy in your life and was designed to distract evil with its liquid like movement.

Shop Here: Sterling Silver Mini Disc Tassel Bracelet 


This charm was designed to create a safe space for your dreams.  Chlobo created this charm to remind the wearer that you can "dream without fear and love without limits" - ChloBo

Shop Here: Chlobo Silver Medium Dreamball Charm Bracelet


Another favourite of ours is the feather charm, which symbolises a connection with the spirits, with every feather you find, think of it as a message from your guardian angels.  ChloBo created this charm to remind the wearer that they "are never alone"- ChloBo.

Shop Here: ChloBo Sterling Silver Bobble Heart in Feather Necklace

Star and Moon

Also the star and moon charms both have beautiful symbolism, as the star is worn as a sign of hope and guidance. The star charm is worn to remind individuals to stay patient and trust the journey. Whilst the moon is worn to nourish the soul and represents "purity, creativity and wisdom"- ChloBo


Shop Here: ChloBo Sterling Silver Moon and Star Pendant Necklace


NEW IN - The Sacred Earth Collection 

If you are someone who is trying to find balance in your life, then this is the perfect everyday accessory for you. ChloBo's founder Chloe channeled her own self-belief when creating the 'Sacred Earth Collection', allowing people to align all four elements of life, earth, air, fire and water.


Shop Here: ChloBo 18ct Yellow Gold Plated Link Chain Earth Charm Bracelet


Shop Here: ChloBo 18ct Yellow Gold Plated Air Charm Adjustable Bracelet


 Shop Here: ChloBo YGP Link Chain Fire Necklace



Shop Here: ChloBo 18ct Yellow Gold Plated Link Chain Water Charm Bracelet

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