Jack Murphy Jewellers Meaningful Partnership with Centred Soul

Jack Murphy Jewellers is excited to announce a new partnership with Centred Soul, a local non-profit dedicated to supporting women’s wellbeing. This collaboration launches during Maternal Mental Health Week, an impactful time that brings awareness to the hidden struggles of motherhood. While parenthood appears joyful on the outside, the reality can be quite different for some. Centred Soul exists to provide a nurturing space for women to come together, share honestly, and receive compassion without judgement. 

The organisation was founded by Rosemary, who experienced perinatal mental illness and birth trauma after her first pregnancy. Feeling isolated and craving community, she envisioned a sanctuary where women could connect authentically. At Centred Soul’s heart is the belief that women deserve fulfilment in all seasons of life – as mothers, friends, leaders, and most importantly, as their true selves.

Rosemary reminds women “You are not solely a mother, a non-mother, a boss, a manager. You are not less than. You are enough, good enough, part of something, a bloody Goddess!”

Centred Soul offers yoga, coffee meetups, counselling, therapy and wellness activities to support women in rediscovering themselves. 

As a business led by women, Jack Murphy Jewellers recognises the tremendous value of organisations like Centred Soul that empower females to thrive. Their three-month long partnership represents a shared commitment to fostering strong sisterhood and mental health in the community. By collaborating during an impactful awareness week, they hope to direct women to the healing resources of Centred Soul.

For more information on the services Centred Soul provide, please visit their website or alternatively, contact the team via social media @centredsoul

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