Jack Murphy Jewellers Partners with Autism NI this World Autism Awareness Month

Autism Awareness Month


Jack Murphy Jewellers have partnered with Autism NI to help promote their ‘Be Kind to Different Minds’ message this World Autism Awareness Month.

Gemma Murphy, Partner and Manager, Jack Murphy Jewellers commented: “Autism NI is a charity close to my heart and I feel privileged to be able to utilise Jack Murphy Jewellers strong online presence to help raise Autism Awareness this April. As some of you may already know, I have two beautiful daughters Moya and Aoife. At the age of two my eldest daughter Moya was diagnosed with Autism, and is non-verbal.

“As a parent and business owner, I want to help ensure inclusivity for all within our society. With this in mind, our team will participate in ‘Autism Awareness Training’ provided by Autism NI. This training will explore what autism is and how this may impact a person when using our services. It will also explore a number of key strategies that our team can use to tailor their customer service approach to support an autistic person while using our service. We would encourage fellow businesses to join us!”


Gemma Murphy and Family


The month-long partnership will focus on sharing key messages and stories from autistic people across the spectrum and aims to raise awareness and understanding of autism with the wider public.

Rachel Gribben, Fundraising and PR Manager, Autism NI said: “There are now 1 in 24 school aged children with an autism diagnosis in Northern Ireland.

“Our message this Autism Awareness Month is to ‘Be Kind to Different Minds’. We want the wider public to take some time to understand and support our autism community. Autistic people are our friends, family, neighbours, and work colleagues. It is important for us to create a society that is inclusive for everyone.

“During Autism Awareness Month, we will be sharing a range of different stories across the spectrum in our ‘A Million Stories’ campaign. Every autistic person has their own unique story and journey. By understanding the autism community, we can collectively open opportunities for them and increase accessibility.”

To find out more about Autism NI and how you can get involved this World Autism Awareness Month, visit www.autismni.org.

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