Meet the Team - Corinna McKee


Meet Corinna McKee, our in-store diamond specialist and team leader here at Jack Murphy Jewellers.

Favourite Quote:

"Leave a little sparkle wherever you go."

How long have you worked with Jack Murphy Jewellers for?

“I first started working in Jack Murphy Jewellers 28 years ago! I joined the team as a sales assistant before completing various qualifications to become a diamond specialist. I am also a team leader.”

Describe a typical working day for you?

“My day is varied, as a diamond specialist I can be found prepping for bespoke rings which involves selecting loose diamonds and gem stones and selecting various ring mounts as per the customer brief to create the perfect bespoke ring.

I am responsible for all of our diamond rings, this again involves selecting mounts and stones to create new products for our customers. As a team leader I delegate tasks to our team while solving any problems that arise throughout the day.”

Favourite part of your job?

“I really enjoy meeting and greeting our couples and becoming a part of their special day through helping them select the perfect ring. Attending purchasing shows is another part of my job that I really enjoy which has allowed me to travel to various locations such as Switzerland, Antwerp and London! The amazing team behind the scenes makes my job so enjoyable – we are a work family, which is another favourite part of my job.”

What is your favourite piece of jewellery?

“My personal favourite piece of jewellery at the minute has to be the Chimento Stretch Spring Diamond Bracelet – it’s a classic piece.”



Finally, who inspires you?

“My dad. He supported me throughout my life and provided many great laughs and good times. He was funny, caring, loving… everything. A great man.”

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