Birthstone Series: The Fiery Birthstone of July

This radiating stone is sure to make you glow, with its rich, fiery red colour and powerful symbolism.

Ruby, the July birthstone, has been christened “The King of Gems” with it being believed that this gemstone protects the wearer from evil.

Historically rubies were worn by kings, warriors and politicians, as it was thought to strengthen their leadership skills and decision-making. It was associated with love and romance, whilst also bringing success to the wearer.

Today ruby jewellery remains as popular a choice as ever - whether that be to signify a July birthday or for those that are drawn to the fiery red colour of this stone. This includes many famous faces!

Can anyone forget the breath-taking ruby and diamond necklace, worn by Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman? We can’t! This iconic necklace featured 23 pear cut rubies, each surrounded by a cluster of diamonds. 

Has this fiery red gemstone caught your eye?!
View our specially curated collection of ruby and diamond jewellery pieces below. 

Available In-store: Classic Oval Cut Ruby Studs With Diamond Halo

Available In-store: Oval Cut Ruby Four Claw Earrings with Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Accent

Available In-store: Pear Cut Ruby Studs With Diamond Halo 

Available In-store: Pear Shaped Ruby Pendant With Two Tone Gold and Diamond Rim


Available Online: 18ct White Gold Ruby and Diamond Five Row


Available Online: 18ct Yellow Gold 0.86ct Ruby Diamond Cluster Ring

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