Birthstone Series: The Gorgeous Green Birthstone of May

Here at Jack Murphy Jewellers, we are green with envy in the first of our Birthstone Series.

Did you know that May is the month of the Emerald? This vibrant green gemstone symbolises rebirth and love. It emphasises the beauty of nature as May falls in the heart of spring, making it the perfect stone to celebrate new growth.

The emerald is said to grant its owner good fortune and youth - we could all do with a bit of that at the moment! It is known as the "Stone of Successful Love" as it nurtures the heart chakra. So, to all the singletons born in May, there is still hope, especially when your birthstone embodies the traits of compassion and unconditional love. 

May babies share their birth month with Queen Victoria; this famous monarch was proposed to by Prince Albert with a memorable snake ring, set with an emerald in its head. In 2019 the snake jewellery trend entered the market, and we're here for it, with one of our favourite brands Ti Sento - Milano, featuring the design and pattern in their rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings - some of which we stock on our website and in-store.

Many other celebrity figures have a love for this gorgeous green gemstone, with Jackie Kennedy and the Duchess of Windsor wearing emerald engagement rings. Emeralds commemorate 20th and 55th wedding anniversaries, making them the perfect gift to commemorate these special occasions. Green is also the symbolic colour of fertility, and is a popular "push present" today.

Emerald jewellery is the perfect choice for many special occasions and are often heirloom pieces passed from one generation to the next.

Check out some of our Emerald gift ideas below:

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Shop Here9ct Yellow/White Gold Pear Emerald Diamond Half Rim Studs
Shop Here: 9ct White Gold Oval Emerald and Diamond Halo Studs
 Shop Here: 9ct Yellow Gold Oval Emerald and Round Brilliant Diamond Studs
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