The Great Murphy's Bake Off

As ‘The Great British Bake Off’ dawned our television screens, so too did our team dawn their aprons. Last week our team took to their kitchens to compete against each other for the title of Star Baker with a week-long bake off. 

First up was Ecommerce Graduate Aaron, who would admit to being a newcomer to baking. Aaron made salted caramel brownies (with an emphasis on the SALTED)! He has a very sweet tooth and loves anything salted caramel flavored, but after his mother tasted his brownies, her response was, “What time does Tesco’s open in the morning?” Aaron explained he used rock salt instead of table salt, which definitely gave his brownies a salty kick!!


Self-professed, chocoholic and Luxury Retail Specialist Sinead, was part of Tuesday’s line up. Sinead wouldn’t be a big baker, but decided to make chocolate rice crispy buns as they’re a “classic that everyone enjoys”.



Linda made some homemade cookies that went perfectly with a cup of tea, her lovely daughter Megan helped her make this classic and colourful sweet treat.


On Wednesday, Rory and I took to the “stage” to present our home-baked goods. I made my mother’s favourite lemon meringue pie. I had overheard people in the office saying they loved this dessert, so thought it might catch the attention of the judges. It turned out quite well, if I do say so myself!


I was followed by Jack’s son, Rory, who surprised the team with options having made delicious sausage rolls along with a mint aero cheesecake. Rory originally made a mint aero cheesecake, but became worried he would be disqualified, as it didn’t require any actual baking. So, he took to the kitchen once more and made sausage rolls – which were thoroughly enjoyed by all of the team!



Charlotte was up next, bringing in her favourite caramel squares for the team to enjoy. When asked about the baking process, our Marketing Manager did admit she had some (or a lot of) help from family – who happen to be very talented bakers!



It wouldn’t be a Murphy’s Bake Off without Jacinta’s “famous” pavlova. Jacinta’s pavlova is well-known and loved by all in Jack Murphy Jewellers, making an appearance at almost all team events. Admitting the recipe is not actually her own, Jacinta tells us it was given to her by an old friend from Newry, who has since passed away, making this dessert extra special!



As the end of the week approached, Friday saw Luxury Retail Specialist, Clara create her mother’s special lemon loaf. Clara enjoys cooking, but wouldn’t be much of a baker – she would admit to leaving it up to her mum. However, after this experience she might start baking a little bit more. For a first attempt, Clara’s baking experience went very smoothly… until she went to take her loaf into work and it split in two! Thankfully this was hidden by the creamy lemon buttercream icing lathered on top of the loaf.



Shannon’s TikTok Kinder Bueno cheesecake was definitely a crowd pleaser. Shannon said she found the baking experience very therapeutic and admitted that she tried to bake during lockdown, but it didn’t go too well. She made the whole cheesecake on her own, but was interrupted by her father, who said she “would need a spirit leveler” to level out the mixture, so she let him pour her mixture onto the base.


Last but certainly not least was Diamond Specialist Emma’s lemon tart and boozy mince pies. With help from her daughter Lily, Emma wanted to make a festive treat, as it was also the day of Jack Murphy Jewellers staff party.


So, after a week of feasting on delicious treats, are you ready to know who has been crowned Jack Murphy Jewellers Star Baker? We know we are!


Rory Murphy 

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