Elevate Your Style! Introducing ChloBo MAN

Man holding a black ChloBo Man Branded Bag

As official stockists of ChloBo jewellery, Jack Murphy Jewellers are delighted to introduce their latest collection: ChloBo MAN.

Why Men’s Jewellery?

Now, you might be wondering, why the sudden interest in men's jewellery? Well, here's the scoop: Men's fashion has evolved, and today, gents are embracing jewellery as a means of self-expression and personal style. ChloBo recognised this shift and decided to create a collection that captures the essence of modern masculinity.

What to expect?

Let’s dive right into the exciting details of the NEW ChloBo MAN Jewellery range. Brace yourself (pun intended) for a stunning selection of bracelets and necklaces designed exclusively for men.

Bracelets for every man! ChloBo’s bracelets are designed to suit every gent’s style, from sophisticated to rugged. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these bracelets are a blend of classic and contemporary. You’ll find everything from minimal sterling silver designs, to beaded wonders.

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Necklaces with character: Necklaces aren’t just for women anymore! ChloBo MAN have a selection of versatile and symbolic designs, adding character and charm to any outfit. From stylish pendants to minimalist chains, this collection offers something for every occasion.

Two ChloBo Man chains, draped over a stone

Shop the Collection

Whether you are a classic gent, a trendsetter, or a rugged adventurer, there is something in the new ChloBo MAN collection for you! Offering an array of materials, including sterling silver, gold plated and a variety of different beads to choose from. Wear ChloBo MAN as single, one-off statement pieces or mix and match across the collection, to create the perfect look for you.


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